• General Information

    Is it possible to figure out the cause of a claim that cannot be detected using traditional methods ?

    Since CL is a highly sensitive technique for detecting oxidative deterioration, it may be possible to establish the cause. Please feel free to contact us.

    Is there any merit to use it at the material development site ?

    Since the oxidative deterioration in the very early stage can be seen compared to other methods, the development period can be shortened.

    Can CL be used for quality evaluation ?

    CL can also be used for acceptance inspection of raw materials and quality inspection of finished products.

    Is it possible to shorten the resin deterioration evaluation period ?

    It is possible. It can be evaluated even with a shorter accelerated deterioration time than usual.

    I'm thinking about changing the material, but I'm worried that the stability will decrease. Can you evaluate it ?

    By comparing and measuring the current material and the newly studied material, it is possible to measure and evaluate which is oxidatively deteriorated and which is easier to oxidize.

    There was no difference with the FTIR method or other measurement methods, but is it possible to see the difference with CL ?

    It is possible. CL can be evaluated at the early stage of peroxide formation, while other measurement methods detect late deterioration (final products and changes in molecular weight).

    How is it used in biochemistry such as blood ?

    We have a track record of quantifying blood phospholipid peroxide, which is also an index of oxidative stress, and measuring cancer cells, skin and hair.

    What are the uses for spectrum analysis of chemiluminescence ?

    It is possible to see the difference in luminescent species and to elucidate the mechanism of oxidative deterioration.

    What is the importance of assessing stability variability for materials such as resin pellets ?

    When it becomes a molded product, it is important to evaluate the variation in which the part that deteriorates quickly accelerates the deterioration of the surroundings and affects the product life.

    Can you see the measurement example ?

    Please see some of them as application notes on this website.

  • Measurement sample

    Is it possible to measure sample film and packaging materials ?

    It is possible. In the case of a thin film, it may warp during heating, so the sample may be held down with a glass plate or the like during the measurement.

    Can it be evaluated in pellet form ?

    It is possible. Pellets have different particle sizes, but weigh them together.

    Is it possible to measure samples other than plastic ?

    Basically, any material containing organic substances can be measured.

    Is it possible to measure liquid samples as well ?

    It is possible. In the case of oil, it can measure even about 100 μL.

    How big is the sample size ?

    It will be the size that fits in the sample dish. There are two types of dishes (φ50 mm x 10 mm and φ20 mm x 5 mm), and the larger the sample, the larger the amount of light emitted.

  • Measuring method

    What is the measurement procedure ?

    Set the gas type and flow rate → Set the measurement temperature → After reaching the set temperature, Insert the sample → Start the measurement.

    What kind of gas can we use ?

    If you do not want to cause oxidative deterioration during measurement, use an inert gas (nitrogen or argon), and if you want to accelerate oxidative deterioration, use an active gas (air, oxygen).

    What is the gas flow rate ?

    It will be about 50-150 ml / min.

    What is the light source ?

    There is no light source. This device detects and measures the Ultra weak light generated by the oxidation reaction .

    Is it possible to measure below the melting point ?

    It is possible. However, if the amount of light emitted is small, it may be measured above the melting point.

    Is there any advantage to measuring below the melting point ?

    If it is below the melting point, it is not necessary to consider the phase change, viscosity change, and activation energy change point during measurement, which facilitates data interpretation.

    Is spectrum measurement possible ?

    The CLA-FS type has a spectroscopic function. If the amount of light emitted is large and the amount of light emitted remains the same for several minutes, spectrum measurement can be performed.

    Is it a destructive test or a non-destructive test ?

    Since heat is applied, it is basically a destructive test.

    There is a bad sample. Is it possible to identify the location of the defective part ?

    Since CLA-IMG produces an image; you can see where light is emitted from the defective part.

    Can we observe the measurement ?

    We have equipment at the Sendai head office, Tokyo branch, and Kyoto lab, so it is possible if you visit us. However, imaging measurement is available only at the Sendai head office.

    What kind of sample should I send when requesting measurement ?

    Since this method is a comparative one, for example, prepare a new product and a deteriorated product, or a product with a different deterioration time or anti-oxidant type.

  • Measurement result

    What happens to the amount of light emitted when it is oxidized ?

    When oxidized, there are many peroxides, so the amount of light emitted also increases.

    Can additives also emit light ?

    Yes. Especially as antioxidants oxidize earlier than the base resin, they will emit luminescence first.

    What does it mean if there are multiple emission peaks ?

    Separate peaks observed during the temperature rise result from differing peroxide decomposition temperatures, i.e. peroxides derived from the base resin and from the additive both emitting luminescence.

    OIT is also possible with thermal analysis, but what is the difference ?

    With CL, it takes time, but it is possible to measure even below the melting point. In addition, the CLA-IMG can measure multiple samples at the same time.

    How are the results presented after a measurement request ?

    We provide the measurement data and since the data is saved in a csv file the results can also be presented graphically.

  • Installation / maintenance

    How much is the maintenance fee ?

    There is no maintenance fee (excluding consumables).

    To what extent is maintenance required ?

    We recommend maintenance (overhaul) every 2 to 3 years.

    Are there any restrictions on the installation location ?

    Since our technique is extremely sensitive, measurements may be affected by light if fluorescent lighting or similar impacts on the sample. We recommend locating away from direct sunlight or any fluorescent devices.