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  • The measurement method using Chemiluminescence was established in the JIS (Japan Industrial Standards) as K7351  in January 2018. 

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    We are pleased to inform that our Ultra-weak Photon Emission (UPE) measurement method has been published as an ISO standard, ISO4765:2022.

    Title: Chemically-induced Ultra-weak Photon Emission (UPE) - an analytical method for measuring the degradation of polymeric materials."


    Paper publication

    The following papers have been published.

    “Chemiluminescence studies on the photooxidation of isotactic polypropylene”

    Satoru Hosoda, Tetsu Sato, Mariko Takahashi, Itsuo Tanuma, Rie Yamada

    Polymer Degradation and Stability 188(2021)109575


    It is possible to download the PDF file from following URL until June 12.


    Please note that the transfer of PDF file is prohibited.


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