• Advantages of Chemiluminescence Method (CL Method)

    • Evaluation of early stage of oxidation & stability to oxidation
    • Direct measurement of peroxides
    • Multiple measurement and imaging detection by CCD camera
    • Detect active oxygen, micro analysis with high sensitivity
    • Monitor the cavitation or physiological luminescence
  • Evaluation of early stage of oxidation & stability to oxidation

    It is important to evaluate and prolong the life-times of new products. Conventional methods are unable to evaluate the early-stages of deterioration and inefficient time-consuming testing is necessary: ・Sample collection from the market -> several years
    ・Outdoor exposure test -> few years
    ・Accelerated testing -> several months

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    Conversely, our CL method directly detects very small traces of peroxide allowing a material's oxidation level to be determined very quickly.

    Manufacturing process optimization

    Plastic products undergo thermal history during the manufacturing process of pelletizing and molding, and are oxidatively deteriorated. At the time of shipping inspection, we check the appearance and color, but even if there is no change in them, there are cases where oxidative deterioration is actually progressing, and such things may become defective products. In addition, unused products such as spools and runners that are being molded are often pelletized again and recycled, but if a large number of recycled products are mixed, oxidative deterioration will progress. Use of CL makes it possible to control and optimize the manufacturing conditions.

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